Professional photographer and videographer with a deep passion, always looking for the best perspective.

The technical diversity brought the entry into the industry. As a trained media designer, image and sound, my initial interest is laying in the transfer of the visible: analog to digital. Simply listening, capturing what one can see, projecting it into digital and making it globally accessible to viewers.

6 years with public and private tv channels allowed me to be part of many great global projects. As an audio engineer, cameraman, editor and finally technical director (CTO) of an equipment rental company (NAME), I was able to develop my own creative style, improve my technical skills across the board from sound to film and build a great professional network.

After conducting my role as a CTO for 2 years I was craving new challenges and decided it was time for something new, to add new skills. I changed the perspective and picked up the camera. A completely new challenge. After all, each picture stands on its own and can be viewed for as long as desired. No movement, a static reflection of a brief moment. The focus changes to shape and direct the eye. The relevance of the point of view and the camera perspective became clear and are in focus.
Projects for Audi, VW etc. only encourage more motivation. A true passion for the design of scenes and images arose.

Next up: Self-Employment, founding a startup and taking up the next challenge.

My aim is making each project unique, meeting individual standards and finding the best possible perspective & outcome.

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